TUC March on 20 October

UNISON are looking for individual stories to tie in with publicity around the march on 20th October. They are particularly interested in:

  • First Time Marchers – is this your first ever demo or march?
  • Young marchers – members under 27 years who are taking part in the march.
  • Older marchers – possibly retired members.
  • Families – are you marching with your family?
  • Marchers who work together – is your workplace coming to the march together as one group?

If you or someone you know fits any of those categories then please put them in touch as we are hoping to produce press releases, radio and TV slots that will bring out the human stories behind the TUC March on 20th October, which we hope will be one of the largest ever gatherings of people ever seen in Britain.

If anyone does want to be featured (no guarantees I’m afraid) then please ring the branch on 0208 496 4703.

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