What will you be doing on 20th October?

The TUC is organising a national demonstration on Saturday 20 October under the banner ‘a future that works’ to send a strong message to the Tory led Coalition that their austerity and cuts agenda isn’t working and is damaging our economy, our public services and our communities.

Thousands of UNISON members and their families will be joined by community groups and members of the public to march to demonstrate the huge strength of feeling against the Coalition Government’s agenda.  We hope you will join us with your friends, family and other members in your branch.

The march will assemble at 11am on Victoria Embankment between Temple Place and Blackfriars and then move on to a rally in Hyde Park.

To sign up and for more information go to www.unison.org.uk/20102012 or http://afuturethatworks.org/

Our branch is meeting at 10am at Walthamstow Central on the day if you want to join us and travel as a group.

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