London Living Wage Campaign – have you signed the petition?

In East London we have hundreds of thousands of public sector workers and workers in the Private and Voluntary Sector.  A fair days pay for a fair days work may not be reaching for the sky but is all too often beyond the reach of workers providing vital services to the public.  It is a an hourly rate of pay, set independently, every year by the GLA in London. Currently £8.30 an hour (to be reviewed every November).

The campaign aims to get employers to pay all people the living wage, so that they are rewarded fairly for the hard work they do.

Here in Waltham Forest we are continuing to ask the local Council to agree to sign up to the campaign so that it not only pays the London Living Wage to its own employees but insists that the staff employed by other companies and organisations working on all its contracts also receive the London Living Wage.  So far the Council has refused to take this step.

We are now stepping up our campaign and want to take the issue directly to all those employers in Waltham Forest and East London that continue to pay poverty wages.

Please sign the petition and pass around at work to get as many signatures as possible. You can download that petition here.


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