It’s time for a pay rise!!!

As our members who work for Waltham Forest Council will know, we have had nearly 3 years of the Tory pay freeze and many of us have taken the Labour Council’s pay cuts too. It is now time to let the world know that our living standards are falling. We have less purchasing power and little job security. Many economists argue that austerity does not help the economy to recover as no one has any money to spend. In UNISON we believe in investing in the economy and looking after the public service workers who are so vital in protecting our communities.

UNISON is launching its pay campaign this week and is asking all members to sign the campaign postcard addressed to Sir Merrick Cockell, the Tory Chair of the Local Government Association. You can see the card here and you can get the card from the branch office. We will be sending them out to reps and activists in the next few days.

The postcard leaves a space for members to fill in their reasons for wanting a pay rise. You could say something about your particular area of work like “the public need teaching assistants and we cannot recruit and keep the best quality staff for schools when the pay is so low.” Or you can make a general point like, “I want to invest in our economy and help to get the country moving again. Austerity and poverty will not aid that recovery. Decent pay for all public sector workers could really give the economy a boost”.

We will be asking members to return the cards to the branch office so that the branch can pay the postage costs.

So, please look out for the cards and complete one as soon as possible. Let the national employers’ organisation know that you believe a pay rise is long overdue and help your trade union to fight for a decent rise and win.

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