Say NO to Connaught School for Girls becoming an academy

Join the lobby 12 December 6-7pm.

Connaught School has a long and proud record of being one of the best schools in Waltham Forest. It’s reputation is well established and parents are very happy with the way the school is run.  However, despite there being no pressure on them, the Board of Governors have voted to apply for academy status. UNISON is opposed to academy schools because they tend to worsen our members’ pay, terms and conditions. They also lead to the privatisation of the schools services and leave schools being run by individual governing bodies with no democratic accountability.

In this case the head teacher has told parents of her perceived threats to the school from the local authority. She has said that the schools single sex status and future funding are under threat. The Council deny this and she has so far not been able to produce real evidence of her claims. There has been no consultation with parents, trade unions, staff or children and only 14 of the 20 governors have voted – and that was only by 8 to 6 with 2 abstentions.

This unacceptable situation has led to the local NUT members taking strike action for two days every week.

UNISON in Waltham Forest is supporting their stand against academy schools and we hope our members will visit their Facebook page and support the campaign as best they can.

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