Pensions – Auto Enrolment is Coming

From October 2012 the new government rules about occupational pension schemes came into force. Under these rules employers will have to enrol all staff (new and existing) into a pension scheme.

Waltham Forest Council have informed UNISON that they intend to enrol all their employees into the LGPS. UNISON is supportive of this initiative because we believe that our members should secure as good a pension as possible  for when they retire. It is also important that the LGPS maintains and extends its membership so that it remains a viable scheme. We hope members will use this opportunity to join the LGPS if they are not already in it and to encourage colleagues to remain in the scheme or join it.

Employees who do not want to be in the scheme will have to opt out.

We are now in discussion about the details of how auto enrolment will actually be implemented in Waltham Forest.

For those of our members who work in other employers and/or in other pension schemes we will be talking to your employers in due course about what their intentions are.

For further details of auto enrolment use this link to the UNISON website:


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