Support UNISON’s ‘There for You’ Charity

2012 was a tough year for families living in Waltham Forest and we anticipate that there will be further difficulties as the cuts hit even more.

The union’s Welfare Fund has seen a massive rise in the number of applications for grants that fund basic essentials such as school uniforms (up  by 27%), heating bills (up by a massive 388%) etc.

In the last year the charity has paid out more than £750,000 – a rise of 11% on the previous year.

The Welfare Fund used to pay for wellbeing breaks, but the recession means that holidays are a thing of the past for low paid families.

As more money is being paid out we are asking people to consider the Octopus Lottery that UNISON Welfare run on a monthly basis.  It is one way to support members who are struggling plus you have a chance of winning.  50% of all revenue is paid in prizes and 40% will go to the UNISON Welfare Fund – only 10% is used for admin costs.

If you are interested please call 0845 355 0845 or visit our national website’s  There for You page.

Your support is more important than ever.  Thank you.

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