UNISON Black Members’ Group AGM

The BMG is having its Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 27th February 2013 in Committee room 2 at the Town Hall (the meeting will start at 12:15pm). There is a full agenda so please get there as early as you can.


  1. Welcome/Introductions – (Presentation of Annual Report) – Chair (Sandra)
  2. Poem by guest reader Joanne Edwards
  3. Mary Seacole presentation by Elizabeth Anionwu – campaigner for the Mary Seacole Memorial Statue campaign (see attached)
  4. Discussion – Are Unions still Relevant (Taiwo) & Strength of our Union (Dean)
  5. Nominations for BMG Co-ordinating Committee
  6. AOB

There will be elections for the BMG co-ordinating committee, nomination papers are attached with details of where to send the completed forms, alternatively you can bring the completed form to the meeting and hand it to the chair at the start of the meeting. The committee is made up of 6 members.

It is important for us to attend this meeting more than ever given the on-going cuts in jobs, services and working conditions. Please forward the details to UNISON Black Members who are not on email or have not received this email.

Look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

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