Use your vote in the NEC elections


ImageProxyThis is your union – have your say in who leads it.

The national executive council (NEC) is the body that runs UNISON and takes key decisions that affect you as a UNISON member.

Elections are now taking place to the NEC, and the people elected will be responsible for the way UNISON is run for the next two years. It is important that you use your vote to elect people who you believe will best speak for you.

You will be receiving a ballot pack at your home address, along with information about the candidates, and I urge you to use your vote to ensure that we get a good turnout, as democracy is very important to this union.

You must vote by the closing date of 24 May.

If you have not received your ballot pack please call 0845 355 0845. Lines are open from 6am to midnight, Monday to Friday and 9am to 4pm on Saturday.

Don’t forget to use your vote.

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