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This petition has come from the Retired Members of UNISON, but you don’t have to be a trade unionist to sign it. It affects everyone and is non-political. The law regarding elderly vulnerable people needs changing for you, and for your family:

For many reasons over 500,000 older people are subject to abuse each year and are unable to protect themselves. In this context abuse includes assault, intimidation, neglect and theft/fraud. There would be a public outcry if this situation affected children and politicians refused to act in their defence.

  • There are specific laws protecting children, animals and domestic violence, but no specific law to protect older people.
  • In conjunction with Action on Elder Abuse, the leading UK charity, we are calling for the introduction of a criminal charge of elder/adult abuse as a matter of urgency.
  • It should be a crime if an adult uses their relationship or position to cause or allow an older person to suffer unnecessary pain or mental suffering, injures their health, or steals, defrauds or embezzles their money.


At the moment it is a crime to neglect someone if they lack mental capacity or have mental health problems, but it is not a crime to neglect someone who is mentally capable but cannot defend themselves from abuse.

That is why UNISON along with the charity, Action on Elder Abuse, is campaigning for a specific law to protect the elderly. Many politicians we have spoken to do not see the need for a new law, telling us that current legislation is sufficient protection. But this is not true. If it was, we would not be seeing the scandals of Mid Staffordshire hospital and the thousands upon thousands of older people suffering abuse every day.

Less than 10% of elder abuse ever reaches adult safeguarding support. The rest suffer in silence. Let’s be their voice and demand action. Now.

Please sign the Retired Members petition on

Legislation for Elder Abuse

click on the link below


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