Conference – Visitors Opportunity

Members are invited to visit the Local Government Conference which runs from Sunday 16th to Monday 17th June and the National Delegate Conference which runs from Tuesday 18th to Friday 21st June 2013. It is being held in Liverpool and we have two visitors places available for any member interested in coming. You can choose to come along just for a couple of days if you wish. Hotel accommodation is already booked and paid for. Your fares will be paid by the branch and you will receive a subsistence allowance of £40 for each full day that you attend.

It really is a good experience to attend the conference as it gives you a wider perspective on what UNISON is about and provides a unique opportunity to meet fellow local government workers from across the country. As a visitor you will not have voting credentials at the conferences, but you will be able to attend the many interesting fringe meetings that are held. These cover an incredible range of countries and issues. You can  also attend the various social events which can be very good and entertaining.

There is also a UNISON exhibition area called the Unizone that is always very interesting and exhibits all the various services and issues that UNISON is involved in.

So, why not come and join us and learn about your trade union and much more besides.

Please contact us if you are interested in attending.

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