Members to be balloted on pay offer

peanut-pay-packetAll members whose pay is set by the National Joint Council for Local Government should shortly be receiving a ballot paper from the branch along with a freepost return envelope. Please make sure the ballot paper is returned by Friday 7th June 2013.

The 1% pay offer from the government is, given inflation, effectively a 2% pay cut. Following on from a three year pay freeze this derisory offer is an insult to all of us who work in local government, provide local services and support work in schools.

In Waltham Forest many of our members have suffered pay cuts as a result of the local Council decision to change our terms and conditions. Some members, mainly on lower pay, find themselves 25% worse off than they were four years ago.

The difficulty in turning this government pay policy around and winning a decent pay rise cannot be underestimated, but if we do just accept this offer then we know that things will not improve. If we reject the offer and look to take action over pay – action that will include strike action – then we can actively campaign and work for a better pay deal.

Furthermore, we can work with the other public sector unions to build a wider campaign across all our public services. This insulting pay offer needs to be rejected and we will need to be prepared to take action. If we do that with our fellow workers in public services across the land then we can win a better deal.


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