Local government part-time workers survey

Working part-time can mean anything from working for just a few hours a week, to working almost full time. In local government, everyone working fewer than 37 hours (36 in London) is considered to be part-time. Some of the main ways of working include: a set number of hours each week, flexible hours, term time only, annualised hours or job sharing. Part-time workers have the same statutory employment rights as any other employee, whether you are employed on a permanent or fixed-term contract. However, the benefits are normally ‘pro rata’, meaning that they should be in proportion to your hours.

In local government there is a very high level of part time working. 55% of all local government jobs are part-time and women are over 90% of the employees in those jobs. UNISON believes that a culture change is needed to achieve greater recognition of the contribution part-time workers make at all levels of local government. We want equal treatment for our part-time members, including equal pay for work of equal value, equal rights to bonus and other pay enhancements, equal access to fair pensions and equal access to quality training and promotion. We also want part-time workers to be able to play a full part in UNISON as members and reps with access to facility time.  UNISON is working for further improvements in the Regulations.

The Local Government Service Group has produced a part-time workers survey as part of the local government Part-Time Matters campaign. We are using the survey to find out how much members/non-members working part-time in local government have been affected by cuts or unequal treatment. The results will assist us in developing a negotiating, campaigning and organising agenda to put part-time workers at the heart of our work.

It is vital that we get as many local government part-time workers (members/non-members) as possible to complete the survey.

An online survey can be completed here https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/K665YLC or the attached paper version of the survey can be completed instead.

Completed paper copy surveys can be returned to Marilyn Bailey, Local Government Service Group, UNISON, UNISON Centre, 130 Euston Road, London NW1 2AY or by email to m.bailey@unison.co.uk or the the UNSION branch office.  Surveys must be returned before Monday 15 July 2013.


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