Local Government Conference

Dave Knight and Sylvia Adjei attended the two day Local Government Conference.  The major item on the agenda was the government cuts.  There was a lot of discussion around the pay ballot.  The result of the ballot in Scotland was that they rejected the ballot, members in Scotland are going to be balloted for industrial action at the end of this month.  England, Wales and Northern Ireland reluctantly accepted the 1% offer.  Our branch, Greater London Region and the North West Region all rejected the offer.  There was an 18% turnout.  Conference demanded a more vigorous campaign next year.

Our delegation spoke about terms and conditions.  How the council is reducing the pay of lower paid workers whilst hiring consultants and increasing the pay of senior managers.  A number of other branches said that their members had endured cuts to enhancements, these were in mainly Conservative councils.  Industrial action had taken place and had been successful mainly in northern areas.

Conference pledged to oppose the privatisation of public services which is sweeping the country.

Conference also pledged to research and publicise the disproportionate cuts that are affecting LGBT, women, black workers etc that are being made as part of the austerity programme.

Dave and Sylvia are now at the National Delegates Conference and will report back on this next week.

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