Workers’ Memorial Day 2013

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The amount raised this year was a wonderful £265.62 which the Branch has donated to the Campaign against Asbestos in Schools.  Here is what Michael Lees, the Campaign Organiser, had to say:

“Thank-you very much. It is incredibly kind of you to wish to donate the proceeds of your Workers’ Memorial Day ribbons to the Asbestos in Schools campaign

The campaign is moving forward at a pace. The Committee on Carcinogenicity have spent two years examining the asbestos risks to children. They will publish their report this Friday and have concluded that children are more at risk. The Government will now review their asbestos policy for schools.

Very many thanks.

Best wishes


I think you will agree with me that protecting the future workforce and members is an important step forward even though this present Government is doing its utmost to weaken Health & Safety in this country.

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