UNISON members win over £350,000 in compensation

This story starts in April 2011 when 14 UNISON members were dismissed after Lewisham Borough Council withdrew funding for the Connexions service. The 14 were members of the Waltham Forest Branch as the lead Branch for Connexions in East and South East London.  They were employed by Babcock (formerly known as Careers Enterprise Limited) who had argued that they should transfer under TUPE to the Council at the end of the contract.  The cases were referred to the union solicitors and following representation at a Tribunal in Croydon 10 cases were settled for a total of just under £140,000.  However 4 members wished to pursue their case and settlement was eventually agreed at just under £200,000 and a further £18,000 was collected by the union as compensation for a failure to consult under the TUPE regulations. This was shared out between 6 members. 

In total £355,866.87 was paid out to Waltham Forest UNISON members.

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