Hazards Conference

caution_warning_signHazards Conference  is the UK’s biggest educational and organising event for Trade Union Safety Reps and Activists.  A mixture of plenary sessions, debates, meetings, and a comprehensive workshop programme, give opportunities to learn, exchange experiences and information with delegates from a wide range of sectors and jobs. This year the Conference was held at Keele University on the 19- 21  July.

This Branch sent the H&S Branch Officer to attend and he will be writing a full report on the Conference to be presented to the next Branch Committee. A copy will also be posted on the website.

The effects of the government’s attack on health & safety are now being felt in workplaces. Cameron continued rubbishing health and safety in January 2013 telling entrepreneurs of the need to cut health and safety rules that stop young people getting work experience. Just days later, a 16 year old apprentice was killed in an incident with a lathe at an engineering company, only weeks after starting work. Enforcement is in retreat and hiding. It’s almost impossible to contact the HSE, and proactive, preventive inspections by Local Authorities and the HSE have been banned in falsely classed ‘low hazard/risk’ sectors which cover the majority of workplaces. New evidence shows proactive inspections not only save lives but save employers money too.  But government continues the ideological destruction of the regulatory enforcement environment that workers won by collective action over generations, using the lie that it is a ‘burden on business’.

If you would like to become involved with Health and Safety in your workplace and are interested in attending next year’s Conference please contact the UNISON office.

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