Stand up against the cuts and fight for our hospital

UNISON IN Waltham Forest calls on all members to stand up against the onslaught that is being wrought upon our public services, our jobs and our benefits. We know only too well the damage that is caused by wage cuts, job cuts and service cuts. In Waltham Forest we have suffered many cuts and they are set to continue if this government has its way.

Over the next fortnight we are asking members to tell government that we will accept the cuts agenda forever. As you know, our local hospital, Whipps Cross, is under threat. Massive budget cuts loom and the Trust have shown that they want to weaken any opposition by disciplining a trade union representative.

We believe that this attack has to be resisted if we want Whipps to remain a viable hospital service. Please bring yourself, your friends, your family along to these key events:

Monday 16th September 2013 – 5pm – Outside the main gates at Whipps Cross Hospital for a protest rally.

Saturday 21st September 2013 – from 12 noon – March from the Green adjacent to Whipps Cross Hospital, by the bus stop, to the Town Square at the top of the High Street, Walthamstow, where there will be a short rally.

Sunday 29th September 2013 – from 11am – lobby of the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester. There are limited free spaces available for travel and there will also be a local Waltham Forest Trades Council bus from Walthamstow Central very reasonably priced. This is a massive national event organised by the TUC and UNISON. It has to be huge to have any impact. We need all of you who despise this government, oppose the attacks on the poor and vulnerable, hate the job cuts and oppose the wage and benefit cuts, to attend.

All UNISON members whose future livelihoods are seriously threatened, whose jobs are insecure, whose future income is uncertain, whose services are being vandalised by government should be there to tell the government that their lack of care for the population is scandalous.

We are asking all of you to be there and be part of this massive day – the day when public sector workers took a stand. Please tell your colleagues, your family and your friends. Tell them all to get to Manchester for a few hours on Sunday 29th to tell the government exactly what we make of their unfair policies.

Please put your name down for a free train ride, though these places are very seriously limited, or put yourself down for the coach trip organised by the Trade Council. All you need to do is contact the branch office, ask us to put your name and any family or friends down for transport and get ready for the big protest.

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