Urgent action needed – help end Israel’s ethnic cleansing and siege on Gaza

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign works for peace and justice for Palestinians, in support of human rights and against all racism.  Join the lobby of Parliament and help end the crisis on Wednesday 27th November, 2-6pm, Parliament, London

The situation in  Gaza is beyond desperate – the 6 year blockade of the Gaza strip is forcing Palestinians to breaking point and Israel’s incursions continue. Everyday life has fallen by the wayside as people struggle to maintain life.

Meanwhile, Israel’s plans to ethnically cleanse the Palestinian Bedouins living in the Naqab (Negev desert) are still forging ahead.

Now more than ever we need to demonstrate to MPs that support for Palestinian human rights is at an all time high – and that Government action to end these human rights abuses is a must. Please commit today to joining the lobby of Parliament on the afternoon of Wednesday 27 November.  72 MPs have  been  asked for meetings so far – the furthest being in Northern Ireland and the  closest being Westminster. Email your MP today.

EU Guidelines – have you  emailed your MEPs yet?

Well done to everyone who has already emailed their MEPs to ask them to support the EU guidelines against economic co-operation with Israeli settlements,  due to come into force in January 2014. These guidelines aim to stop Israeli projects in illegal West Bank settlements from being granted EU research funds, awards, prizes or loans. MEPs are under incredible pressure from the US Secretary of State and other friends of Israel to reverse these plans but over a thousand of you have already sent letters to your MEPs. This is already having a significant impact, but we need to get everyone to contact their MEP and get their friends to do the same. It is very important that the EU stands firm. The crucial decisions are being taken in November so this is urgent!

Palestine Solidarity Campaign.


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