Hot Desking – a search for work?


hotdeskingDo you turn up for work only to find that there is no desk for you to work at? Have you experienced problems at your workplace through hot desking?

If you have then UNISON would like to know. We would like to learn of your experiences under “the way we work” programme.

Do you work from home and if so how many days per week? Are you on a rota or does your Manager tell you when to work from home?

When working from home have you had DSE training and has a Risk Assessment been carried out?

Are you given an allowance for heating and electricity, have you access to a Council mobile phone?

Have you felt pressured by Management to work from home?

Please let us know your responses to the above. All feedback will be strictly confidential and Management will not know who has responded. If you can let us know your place of work it would be helpful for us to identify ‘hotspots’.

Please send your replies to :

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