Your Work Story

your storyUNISON are looking for help in campaigning for fair pay and secure jobs. They are looking for true life stories of how low paid UNISON members are struggling at the moment.

Do you have a story to tell?

There’s a good chance that you are worse off than you were a decade ago. Average wages have not kept up with prices over the last ten years.

And it’s getting harder to feel secure at work. Over a million people are employed through temporary employment agencies, and millions more on ‘zero hours’ contracts, not knowing if they will work from one week to the next.

This Government of millionaires doesn’t understand what it’s like to worry about money, or fret about whether the job will be there next month – so we’re going to need people like you to help us explain it.

If you or your family life are affected by low pay or worries about job security, we want to hear about it.

Whether it’s living with the stress of money or work worries, missing out on family time because you’re always on call for work, or fearing that your wages won’t stretch to cover a decent quality of life – will you help us paint a picture of what working life is like for too many of us?

You can help us fight to change it.

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