Lansley – next steps

lasleyIn the last week, more than 4000 people have joined our anonymous petition to Andrew Lansley.

This is such a crucial issue. So much of the Lobbying Bill is a dangerous attack on Civil Society, but the ‘Part 3’ section is a specific attack on trade unions, and on the privacy of union members. We need to work extra hard to get the message to Lansley, and to the House of Lords, that Part 3 of the Bill must be scrapped.

Will you help us make it to 5000 before 2013’s over?

We’ve set ourselves a target to get 5000 people to join the petition before the end of the year.

Then in January we’ll be joining up with the TUC to make one massive petition together.

We’ve set up a special share page to help us spread the word. It makes it really easy to post on facebook and twitter, and to email your friends and contacts.

If all 4000 of us emailed 5 of our friends, we’d be 5000-strong in no time.

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