Workers’ Memorial Day 2014

wmd logoWorkers Memorial Day Monday 28th April 2014

This year our ceremony at Walthamstow Town Hall will take place on Monday 28th April at 1p.m.

The ceremony is to remember those workers who have lost their lives or have been maimed due to work related accidents or are suffering from occupational illnesses.

The local Trade Unions, Local Authority representatives, Councillors and local MPs will gather at the Town Hall where the National Flag will fly at half mast in memory of those who have died, a one minute silence will be observed, wreaths will be laid and speeches made.

“Remember the dead, Fight for the living”

On the 28th. April each year Trade Unions across the world hold remembrance ceremonies, but it’s more than just remembering, it’s also about fighting for the right of every worker to carry out their work in a safe and hazard free environment.

Local Trade Unions will be selling the purple remembrance ribbons for Workers Memorial Day. These cost £1 and will be available on the day Everyone is welcome to attend.

The money raised will be donated to a Health and Safety charity

If you would like to become a UNISON member and /or a Health and Safety Rep please contact the UNISON office on 020 8496 4703


In the UK, each year 1,500 to 1,600 people are killed while doing their jobs – including those killed on the roads while working. It is estimated between 20,000 to 50,000 people die each year in GB from work-related diseases – about 5,000 from asbestos diseases alone. Successive governments have repeatedly said almost all of this is predictable and preventable by employers who still fail to protect their employees and the general public.

Yet despite this the UK the government is attacking those health, safety and environmental protections we have fought long and hard for – using the cuts agenda to achieve what big, bad, killer bosses have been screaming for for years.

Which is why we will be there to remember the dead – and fight like hell for the living.

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