Bolivia Information Forum – Emergency Appeal for Funds

Since 2006, the Bolivia Information Forum (BIF) has provided information and analysis of events in Bolivia, free of charge. These services have repeatedly been commended for their quality by those who receive them. In a survey last year, 73% of respondents rated BIF bulletins as useful or very useful, and also rated them highly for accessibility and reliability.

The BIF was founded to provide accurate, reliable and impartial information about what is going on in Bolivia and to advocate for the rights of the poorest and most marginalised. Over the years, the increase in the number of those who receiving BIF publications is a strong indicator of our success in creating a network among those with an interest in Bolivia and the important issues which affect it such as climate change, indigenous rights and economic inequality. Currently, we email out the bi-monthly news briefing and the quarterly Bolivia Bulletin to over 2,500 recipients around the world. We are aware that these are then retransmitted to many others.

As is the case with many small, voluntary organisations, the BIF is confronting serious funding problems. Faced with dwindling budgets, the funding agencies who have supported us so far have indicated that they are unable to continue to do so. Although the running costs of the BIF are modest – primarily a salary for one part-time coordinator – this nevertheless means that the BIF faces closure unless new sources of support are found.

We are therefore appealing to those who receive and value our services to think how you can help to keep the BIF going. We are setting up a fighting fund on the basis of one-off donations. Our objective is to reach a target of £10,000 by the middle of March, to keep us going in 2014 while we seek alternative sources of funding. You can donate to BIF at Indiegogo, send us cheques at the address below or transfer Bitcoins using the number on our website. Any donation you can contribute will help BIF maintain its commitment to providing good quality information and analysis to all, free of charge. With your help BIF can continue to raise awareness of issues affecting Bolivia and to build links between Bolivia and the UK. Thank you for any help you can offer.

Bolivia Information Forum, 6-9 Manor Gardens, London N7 6LA

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