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The petition is calling on INDECON to convene a public enquiry into the existence of death squads in the police force and the policy of extrajudicial killings in Jamaica.


In response to the anger of the people in downtown Kingston over the killing of a man by the police, police commissioner Owen Ellington said  (a) that  once civilian killings go down, police killings,  like what happened in Orange Street will be reduced , and (b) that the police were fired at or involved in 600  shootouts last year.

The police commissioner of course welcomes the investigation by INDECOM which he knows is going nowhere  and hence he can give credence to the police story that there was a shootout in downtown Kingston which residents flatly refute.

He went on to give plausible support to this kind of killing by claiming that the police were involved in 600 shootouts last year!  In order to prove  that he is believable, and in order to refute the impression that he fully supports the police extrajudicial policy, the police commissioner should  be asked to publicly provide detailed documentation for the 600 times that the police engaged in shootouts last year?

If these shootouts are contrived (and we already know that almost half or 258 of that number are contrived) then we obviously have a police commissioner who is living in a delusional world. For  obvious reasons, he does not appear psychologically fit to be police commissioner. Note that we have not even mentioned the outstanding issue of his command responsibility for the 2010 Tivoli Gardens  massacre which we believe should ultimately be investigated by the International Criminal Court. But then again, this is probably the psychological type  that the State requires to hold such a job.

Having set up that scenario of war — statistically worse that what US troops face in Afghanistan — how can we expect the average policeman,  much more the designated killers, the death squad killers, not  to pull the trigger at will and know that the police force as a whole and senior police officers, including the police commissioner, will come to their defence, and know what to do  in blunting the  ineffective and hapless INDECOM.

Does INDECOM employ former policemen and JDF officers — which is not allowed in other similar agencies such as in the United Kingdom? INDECOM should clear the air on this.

The police commissioner said he would welcome an INDECOM probe of the claim that death squads are operating within the police force. Once again we call upon INDECOM to accept that invitation and move to immediately set up a Public Enquiry to investigate not only death squads but the decades-old policy of police extrajudicial killings.  Terrence Williams should protect his integrity, and find the courage to move quickly, rather than allow the public to make the judgement that he is a careerist  and lacking in personal courage.

The time could not be more ripe. We call upon everyone to support our petition for this enquiry.

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