5 things you need to know before May:

In 100 days our country will vote on UKIP’s xenophobic agenda. That means we have just 100 days to fight the lies and fear they’re peddling.
We’ve created a 100-Day plan stop them from filling the European Parliament with their anti-migrant and scapegoating agenda, and this plan has a role for each of you.

Help us counter UKIP’s xenophobic agenda on May 22. Donate now to support our 100-Day Plan.

So, here are the top 5 steps of the Plan (believe it or not the full list is longer):

1. Fight the headlines — UKIP’s anti-migrant scare tactics already fill our newspapers, and they’re only getting worse. Your donation supports our rapid rebuttal team whose job it will be to expose their lies.

2. Spread the hope — Britons deserve to know what a vote for UKIP really means. Just £15 will pay for 1,000 leaflets outlining their fear-filled agenda and £100 is enough to fund 500,000 online ads.

3. Empower the next generation — Your support will fund Campus Call Outs at dozens of universities where we’ll register and mobilise student voters.

4. Celebrate the real Britain — Our diverse culture deserves to be celebrated. Help us fight anti-migrant rhetoric with a campaign that celebrates the many faces of real Britain.

5. Get out the vote — Make sure everybody has a voice on Election Day. We’re working with faith-based and community groups to ensure every eligible citizen is ready and able to cast their vote on May 22.

Together, we will defend multiracial Britain against UKIP’s threatening politics and the media’s lies. Donate to our 100-Day Plan now:


Thank you for your support,

Nick Lowles
HOPE not hate

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