NPS Stewards Annual Meeting held in London on 10 February

UNISON Stewards delegation

GetAttachment (1)UNISON Assistant General Secretary Karen Jennings (far left) welcomes NPS National Convenor Brian Navier (centre) and NPS Stewards Delegation to UNISON Head Office for their annual National Stewards meeting held Monday 10th February.  NPS Stewards hold meetings every quarter, usually by video link, but once a year Stewards organise a  conference to enable them to meet up in person for a round the table meeting at different NPS locations, this year Stewards travelled to London to meet the NPS Representatives based there.

Brian Navier, National Convenor says: “This is a good opportunity for Stewards to network and to have meaningful discussions on topics affecting UNISON members.  Among wide spread of topics discussed, included, consultation with members before submitting cost of living pay increase, recruiting new Stewards and improving communications with members. The afternoon session was presented by Dave Johnson, National Officer – Business, Community & Environment, who gave a presentation explaining how UNISON’s role in the private sector is forever increasing as more Local Authorities and other Public Sector organisations are outsourcing services and members are being TUPE’d into this sector.”





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