Short report of the International Committee 22 Jan 2014

Short report of the International Committee, 22 January 2014

Actions to be taken

At its meeting the International Committee:

1. Agreed arrangements for NDC including sending invitations to Rosa Pavanelli of PSI, Jan Willem Goudriaan of EPSU, a representative from SNTSG Guatemala and a representative from a trade union in Colombia, preferably from one of the UIDF-funded projects.

2. Agreed the two draft motions for NDC on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP free trade agreement between the US and EU which had been amended slightly to reflect PDCC position) and a motion on Guatemala subject to minor changes including reference to affiliating to Guatemala Solidarity Network.

3. Agreed to support the following UIDF projects:

b) Cambodia – CATU
c) Cambodia – CITA
d) Colombia – Northern Region supporting Nomadesc and War on Want
e) Bangladesh – Labour Behind the Label

4. Agreed to fund Labour Friends of Palestine to produce info-graphic booklet.

5. Agreed to part-fund request from Justice for Colombia (fully fund support for Peace Campaign, no support for core funding request and part support for fringe and other activities at TUC and Labour Party conference.

6. Agreed to part-fund request from Palestine Solidarity Campaign (full support for trade union conference 5 April, bringing over speakers from Palestine and advertising in Palestine News but no support for core funding).

7. Agreed to support Western Sahara Campaign’s request for funding to campaign in run up to UN mandate renewal.

8. Agreed to make a donation to Radio Labour to support its work promoting news pertinent to the trade union movement.

9. Agreed to make two individual grants to Eastern Region activists to travel to Cuba to help set up a trade union education centre, take part in the May Day celebrations and also to provide practical support to a school for the visually impaired.

10. Agreed to recommend to PDCC for chair’s action the following (all reaffiliations except for Banana Link which is a new affiliation following on from NDC 2013 motion):

a) Banana Link (new)
b) Cuba Solidarity Campaign
c) Palestine Solidarity Campaign
d) Burma Campaign UK
e) Labour Behind the Label
f) Amnesty International UK
g) Action for Southern Africa
h) Western Sahara Campaign

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