Calling all UNISON members

learningAre you interested in learning?  Do you like talking to people?

We are looking for members to become Union Learning Reps in the branch. We have several areas of new work starting in the next few months and really need more learning Reps to help us make a success of them.

If you become a Rep you are entitled to paid time off to carry out your duties and  get 10 days fully paid training for your role.

In the past the Reps conducted a learning survey across the council which involved visiting different workplaces and interviewing staff about their learning needs and interests. We have run taster sessions on Tai Chi, gardening and local history during Adult Learner’s Week and English classes.  We also support individuals in their workplace who may have difficulties with written and spoken English.

We are about to tackle everyday Maths as we know many people are not confident about Maths and would like to the chance to brush up their skills. We will be working with certain groups of staff and the local Adult Education Service so they are more comfortable using Maths in their everyday work. We will also be running some taster sessions during Adult Learner’s Week in June. If you enjoy Maths and would like to support others less confident than yourself why not become a Learning Rep and help promote Maths across the Council?

The  other area of new work is an opportunity for staff to upskill themselves in the ever changing world of work. In the past many staff have not been able to take qualifications which would help them progress. The Council has obtained European Social Funding and opportunities will be made available to staff in the coming months. Your managers will be talking to you about the offer very soon.

If you have any queries or are interested in becoming a Union Learning Rep please contact Julia Poynter for more information.

Julia Poynter, Lifelong Learning Convenor

Tel: 020 8496 4457,  email:

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