3 immigration facts you need to share

Hope not Hate asked you why your friends or neighbours are tempted to vote UKIP, and one answer led by a mile: They’re being persuaded by UKIP’s strong anti-immigration stance.

But the truth is, UKIP’s agenda won’t fix our economy because immigration isn’t the problem.

UKIP doesn’t want your friends and neighbours to know the truth about immigration. Read and share these facts to tell the real story:

1. Two recent academic reports show EU migrants, especially those from Central and Eastern Europe, contribute three times more to the UK economy then they take out in benefits.

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2. The number of European migrants in the UK is almost exactly balanced by the number of Britons living elsewhere in the EU.

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3. 40% of NHS nurses come from abroad. The NHS would collapse without immigration.

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Even the Government’s own study — based on a review of ALL the research available — shows the negative impact of immigration has been greatly exaggerated.

When it comes to the economy, UKIP is looking for an easy way out. Rather than knuckling down and tackling real challenges, they’re ignoring the facts and blaming foreign workers.

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