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Alvaro Sanchez has a piece online in the Huffington Post entitled “President Maduro Is Calling for Peace and Dialogue – It’s Opposition Extremists That Want Violence” arguing that “Once again Venezuelans face violent and unconstitutional attempts to destabilize the country and oust the elected government.”

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A key element of the piece is addressing some of the misrepresentations currently going around concerning the recent wave of violence in Venezuela which has followed a number of opposition leaders demanded “the ousting” (La Salida) of the elected Government of President Nicolas Maduro. In it he importantly argues that, “The picture on the ground is far from the simple media narrative of state forces targeting peaceful protesters in a wave of government sanctioned killings.The government has condemned the minority of the deaths, 4 of the 20, resulting from opposition supporter clashes with security forces. It has taken tough action including sacking the head of the military police and ensuring the arrest of officers involved. But the death toll also includes government supporters being shot dead and at least eight people killed at deliberately dangerous opposition barricades including police officers and civilians fatally shot whilst trying to remove these barriers.

There is no hierarchy of victims and each of these deaths is a tragedy for Venezuela. The critical task for all supporters of democracy is to support the calls President Maduro has made time and again for peace and dialogue. A National Peace Conference on 26 February, attended by opposition politicians, private business leaders, religious and civil society groups, underlined Maduro’s push for a solution. Another important regional peace conferences is currently underway.

In contrast opposition leaders backing “La Salida” have not taken up this invitation nor condemned the violence protests. In fact they demand more “protests”.”

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