Farage does not speak for us! Countdown to demo this Saturday

Stand up to racism and fascism Saturday 22 March.  Waltham Forest UNISON branch Chair, Peter Ashan, will be at Walthamstow tube station at 10am to travel into London to March at 11 am from Parliament Square to rally at Trafalgar Square – all members are welcome to join him.

ImageProxyFed up of the toxic agenda on immigration? 
Make YOUR voice heard this Saturday 
for the UN Anti-Racism Day Demo

The ‘Stand up to racism’ demo has had a fantastic response from people around the country. On Saturday, people in cities all over the world will be part of a day of action against racism. Help us get the word out about the demo so that we can squarely reject the toxic agenda that scapegoats migrants 

You can help this week in the following ways:

1. Share this image on your facebook page and twitter feed. 
The demo is going to be a vibrant, positive statement which will bring together Trade unions, parliamentarians, students, faith representatives, LGBT activists, anti-racist & anti-fascist groups. It will centrally involve Roma, Muslim, Romanian and Bulgarian groups who are currently facing a barage of hostility. People are repulsed by how odious the debate has become. Share this image so that everyone who opposes the ‘Farage-factor’ comes out on Saturday

Nigel Farage does not speak for me











2. Give your facebook/twitter page an Anti-Racist Selfie this week!
Download ‘Stand up to racism’ signs here

Trade unionists, Parliamentarians, students, community groups and migrant organisations have already taken ‘anti-racist selfies’ with our “Im standing up to racism on 22 March” signs.  Join in and make these your facebook/twitter profile picture.

Tweet your picture mentioning @AntiRacismDay and we will retweet you.

Visit our twitter feed for lots of images and news to share. We have had hundreds of retweets for our images in the last few days, and with your help can keep the buzz going in the run up to the day. Visit our twitter feed regularly for updates

3. Spread the word on facebook 
Click here for the Stand up to racism event

– Either invite all your friends manually or invite them automatically in less time by following the instructions on this link.

So far over 15,000 people have been invited to the facebook event – let’s get this in the tens of thousands this week!

– Share the event on your own wall

– Post the event on any facebook groups you are a member of with an introductory sentence along the lines of ‘Stand Up To Racism – join the demonstration on Saturday 22 March’ before linking to the event itself

4. Change your facebook banner photo to the Stand Up To Racism poster
– The poster can be found on the Stand Up To Racism Facebook page or just follow this link.
– Once you have changed your facebook banner picture tag at least 20 of your friends in the picture and make sure you add a socially conscious description and a link to the facebook event

5. Share this email with your friends and plug our website
People from all walks of life will be joining us on the day. Share this with at least 10 of your friends and ask them to do the same. UN Anti Racism Day will see demos taking place in Glasgow, Cardiff and London.

Visit our website for the latest list of speakers, details of coachesthat are coming from around the country and articles that have been written in the national media about the event, including pieces by Comedian Ava Vidal and CWU General Secretary Billy Hayes.

If you would like to order leaflets and posters for the event please email us on info@standuptoracism.org.uk

22 March3


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