UAF newsletter 13 March 2014

1.    Join the 22 March demonstrations against racism
A day of action against racism has been called for across Europe to coincide with the marking of UN Anti-Racism Day in 2014. This day of action will also act as the launch pad to stop the racists winning electoral success in the Euro elections.

In support of this European wide initiative, Unite Against Fascism is helping launch the day of action here in Britain. It along with a large number of trade unions, political, community and religious groups has called Stand Up to Racism Rallies and Demonstrations in London, Cardiff and Glasgow. The details are:

Cardiff: Assemble 11 am Saturday, 22 March 2014 – Clare Gardens, Riverside, Cardiff.
Glasgow: Assemble George Square 11am 22 March 2014. The march will leave at 11.30am and will be followed by a rally.
London  Assemble 11 am  Join us on procession from Old Palace Yard, Parliament to Trafalgar Square rally.

Speakers so far confirmed include Diane Abbott MP, Jerry Dammers, George the poet, Ghetts,  Ladislav Balaz (Europe Roma) Natalie Bennett (The Green Party), Farooq Murad (Secretary General – Muslim Council of Britain), Mohammad Taj (TUC President) and Ava Vidal (Comedian). Diane Abbott MP, Natalie Bennett (Green Party Leader), Christine Blower (NUT General Secretary), Jerry Dammers, Bruce Kent (VP Pax Christi), Jean Lambert MEP, Max Levitas (Cable Street Veteran), Gloria Mills (UNISON National Secretary Equalities), Claude Moraes MEP, Farooq Murad (Secretary General – Muslim Council of Britain), Grattan Puxon (8th April Movement) Mohammad Taj (TUC President), Tommy Tomescu (Alliance Against Romanians and Bulgarians Discrimination), Ava Vidal (Comedian), Maurice Wren (Chief Executive – Refugee Council)Weyman Bennett ,Sabby Dahlu

Almost every national trade union and a plethora of migrant, community and faith groups are supporting the day of action.

So far over 30 coaches have been booked for the London march and rally. The details of the pick up points and details of how you can book your tickets can be found at:

Across the country there have been a number of very successful campaign stalls building the demonstration and opposition to the BNP.

If you would like to get involved please contact the UAF office: 0208 971 7426

2. BBC 3 and ‘EDL Girls’

Last Monday night BBC 3 ran a program called ‘EDL Girls’. It was a vile, nasty and exploitative program.

It allowed the EDL supporters to make outrageous racist comments without ever being challenged. It portrayed the EDL as a movement on the rise despite a series of defeats it has suffered and it exploited a number of very troubled racist women.

And once again the BBC failed to give a voice to those that oppose the fascist EDL.

If you watched the program and would like to make a complaint, here is the number of the BBC to phone: 03700 100 222.

It really is time to pull the plugs on the Nazis.

3. Unity Magazine

The Unity Magazine will be out in time for the 22 March demo.

It has an amazing interview with Jerry Dammers, one of the founders of The Specials. He talks to us about Rock Against Racism and two of his most famous tracks Ghost Town and Free Nelson Mandela. Also Peter Hain MP talks about his campaigns against Apartheid South Africa.

For those that don’t know, the Unity Magazine is produced by UAF in conjunction with the National Union of Teachers.

The magazine is free for all members of the NUT; teachers can also order free copies for their schools and NUT groups. The magazine costs £2.50 inc p&p for everyone else. If you would like to obtain copies of the magazine please drop us a line at

4. UAF educational trip to Auschwitz

UAF will be holding a second educational trip to Auschwitz in the first week of November. The four-day trip costs £270. It is open to trade unionists, students and UAF activists who want to learn more about the Holocaust. There are only 40 places – for an information pack or to book your place please contact the UAF office on 0208 971 7426or

5. Remembering  Tony Benn and Bob Crow

RIP Tony Benn

On behalf of Unite Against Fascism we extend our deepest sympathy and condolences to Tony Benn’s family, colleagues and friends, as well as all those in the labour, progressive and peace movements here and across the world who are thinking of our shared loss of this great campaigner, political leader and human being.

Tony Benn was a fearless opponent of all forms of racism and xenophobia. He had no truck with the scape-goating of immigrants and asylum seekers, and was always willing to stick his neck out to defend the undefended. He said of attempts to whip up hostility to migrants to this country that ‘the real issue is that this is a backdoor way for naked racism to be introduced …into the democratic political scene. It’s very dangerous, and it needs to be exposed and resisted.’ He resisted it at every opportunity.

He thundered at Enoch Powell’s rivers of blood speech: ‘The flag of radicalism which has been hoisted in Wolverhampton is beginning to look like the one that fluttered 25 years ago over Dachau and Belsen’
Tony Benn was a founding signatory of Unite Against Fascism. He was outspoken against the extreme right and often joined us on our platforms. Only last year he joined Unite Against Fascism’s solidarity protest against the violence of Golden Dawn in Greece, and spoke eloquently of the need for vigilance against the dangers of the rise of the neo-Nazi right across Europe.
His leadership and support will be sorely missed

RIP Bob Crow

Bob Crow was an outstanding Trade Union leader and activist. He will be remembered for his uncompromising principles which won him loyal friends and the respect of those who disagreed with him. Whilst he will be widely remembered for his exemplary Trade Union campaigning, he was a passionate, committed and life-long anti-fascist and anti-racist.

Bob was a committed and active anti fascist and anti-racist. He was a supporter of Unite Against Fascism and joined us on many demonstrations; most famously he led the march against the BNP ‘festival’ in Codnor.

He was an internationalist and championed the rights of those facing the most vitriolic oppression, including a vociferous defense of women’s right to choose to wear the veil on Question Time. He often promoted the contribution of Irish migrants to the workforce, challenging the scapegoating of migrants. The victory against fascism on Cable Street was a recurring theme for him, and he passionately supported our campaigns to reject the violence of the EDL.
His death has come suddenly, and is a shock that will be felt across the board. UAF sends its condolences to his friends, family and union members. Our thoughts are with his close friends, family and comrades. The multitude of tributes that have flooded in for him are a tribute to his achievements and leadership. He will be sorely missed but never forgotten.

6. Can you spare a dime?

UAF is playing a leading role in building the 22 March protests against racism, Islamophobia and the scapegoating of migrants. Our supporters are out campaigning on the streets campaigning against the Nazi BNP and our groups are playing an important role in exposing the racist agenda of UKIP. But without your support and money we would not operate effectively. Can you help, could you donate money towards our campaigns? Every little helps so please send a cheque (made payable to Unite Against Fascism) to:

Unite Against Fascism
PO Box 68229

Or alternatively donate on line at:

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