Justice for Berkin Elvan

Request for urgent support for the current situation in Turkey.

As you may have heard Berkin Elvan, a child who was hit on his head with a gas canister thrown by the police during the Gezi Uprising in Turkey last summer as he was on his way to buy bread, who had been in intensive care for the last 269 days passed away on Tuesday, 11th March 2014 morning at 7.00am. Berkin Elvan lost his fight for life, adding to the deaths of Ali İsmail Korkmaz, Ethem Sarısülük, Abdullah Cömert, Mehmet Ayvalıtaş, Ahmet Atakan and Medeni Yıldırım.

The AKP government which cannot even tolerate people to gather together to share their sorrow following Berkin Elvan’s death, continues to do its utmost to legitimise the police while police violence itself continues. Once again, people waiting in front of the hospital were attached with gas bombs. In many cities around Turkey, demonstrations were held for Berkin and there have been prompt and brutal police attacks on each of these demonstrations.

Please share the attached statement with all your contacts and send emails of protests to the government officials in Turkey whose details are included in the document. We kindly ask that you also cc spot.turkey@mail.com with your email of protests.


Thank you in advance for your support and solidarity,


Oktay Sahbaz

Day-mer Community Centre


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