UNISON Pay Campaign is go!

Waltham Forest Town Hall Rally 1st April 2014 at 1pm

All branch members are invited to come along to the UNISON Rally as above. There will be campaign materials available. It is hoped that the local press will visit the rally and that we can send a strong message to Waltham Forest Council to urge them to support our claim.

Our national employers have towed the government line (as per usual) and offered a 1% pay rise.

UNISON will be putting that offer to our members via branches. So, we want a good turn-out at this rally where we can take a vote on rejecting or accepting the employer offer.

UNISON is proposing to reject the offer because:

  1. It is derisory and only takes our lowest pay scale to a level that is 5p an hour above the National Minimum Wage (not to be confused with the London Living Wage).
  2. Our members in local government have been subject to a pay freeze since 2010 apart from the 1% that we were given last year.
  3. According to research Local Governments have suffered worst during this pay freeze losing 18% in real terms (many have lost much more) compared with the 10% reduction in real terms for our Higher Education colleagues.
  4. There has been a massive increase in the use of fixed term, part time and zero hours contracts across the land.
  5. Our members are struggling to make ends meet.
  6. Government policy has made things worse with VAT rises, cuts to child benefit and working tax credits and devastating changes to housing benefit.
  7. The top 1% of earners have received a real terms increase in pay of 50% SINCE 1978.
  8. FTSE Executive Pay rose by 49% in 2010/11.

There are loads of other good reasons to support the UNISON pay claim of £1 increase on every hour.

Public Sector Workers deserve a pay rise. Please support our campaign. Come to our rally. Join us in rejecting the employer’s offer and collect publicity to support the campaign.


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