Council cuts mean job losses and pay cuts

UNISON is currently being consulted on Phases 40, 41 and 42 of the ongoing Council Cuts programme, now entitled “Redefining Waltham Forest”. These phases attack Adult Social Care – potentially 8 social workers and several service managers face redundancy, ICT, where members face potentially huge wage cuts and possible outsourcing and Schools Admissions where another member faces the possibility of redundancy or wage cut.

If you are a member and you are affected by these proposals but haven’t spoken with your union yet or attended any meetings with us, then please get in touch if you require any advice, guidance or support. UNISON opposes all the cuts in jobs, services and pay. It is still our view that austerity measures such as these are unnecessary and do not aid economic recovery. However, our councillors appear to adopt a different view. They appear to be happy to sign off proposals that reduce the pay and job opportunities for basic grade staff whilst continuing to agree pay increases for the higher paid and condoning massive pay outs to consultants and interim managers.

Our members in Adult Social Care, affected by the Phase 40 proposals, are all invited to a meeting on 8th May at 1pm at 313 Billet Road to discuss this latest attack on them and their service users. If you are such a member please make sure you turn up as the meeting will discuss possible industrial action on the issue.


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