Worth It Campaign


The National Ballot for this year’s pay claim is going to start being sent out on Friday 23rd May. The ballot will go to all members’ home addresses and will simply ask whether you support strike action in order to win a fairer pay settlement this year. Our branch and the national union are recommending that you vote “Yes”. Local Government pay is falling so far behind every other sector. Local Government members are now 18% worse off on average than they were in 2010. This year the government is only offering 1% which is well below the current rate of inflation. The union believes that we have to stop this trend and wants to campaign vigorously for a fairer deal.


We anticipate a serious pay campaign and we expect strike action in July should there be sufficient support for such action in the ballot. You are invited to attend the Branch Meeting on Wednesday 11th June at 12:30 in the Council Chamber at Waltham Forest Town Hall, where we will present the details of the claim, tell you the story of this year’s claim to date and will explain why we are so keen to secure a Yes vote.


Whatever your own views on the issue, please make sure you express your view and vote. We want this ballot to accurately reflect what our members want. We do not want a situation where we are left guessing about whether our members will support strike action or not. Also, please visit the UNISON website and use this My UNISON link  https://my.unison.org.uk/ to check that the records we hold for you are correct. Make sure you check your name, home address, job title and work address. These items need to be correct  You will need your membership number to access your record and amend it if appropriate. If not already registered we advise members to do so, click here for the link to the national website to register for My UNISON

STAY IN TOUCH               

Make sure you stay in touch with developments. You can visit the national UNISON website for news on the campaign at www.unison.org.uk or visit our branch website on www.unisonwalthamforest.org.uk or visit our Facebook page if you use Facebook.

As the Campaign slogan says – We’re Worth It.

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