All Council Members out for 10th July

UNISON is taking official strike action in order to win a fair pay rise for Local Government workers on 10th July. The union expects all of our members who are directly employed by the Council to take strike action on that day.

UNISON is being joined by UNITE and GMB so all the recognised unions for Council workers are on strike that day. The NUT are also on strike so we are expecting many local schools to close. PCS, the union for Civil Servants are also on strike and so are the FBU. This is going to be a major strike day with public sector unions uniting together in protest at the unfair and unwarranted attack on public sector pay that has been carried out by this government.

We are encouraging all workplaces to have a picket line on the day of the dispute. You will want leaflets and placards for your picket line. Please talk to your local workplace UNISON rep, or if you do not have one at your workplace, then please call the UNISON office on 0208 496 4703 so we can help to set up a picket line for your workplace. You can call this office for any materials you require.

If your workplace is closing down for the day and there is not going to be a picket line then please join the branch banner at Waltham Forest Town Hall where there will be a picket line from 7am to 9:30am.

At 10am there will be a short rally in Walthamstow Town Square and at 10:45 we will be leaving from Walthamstow Central to join the demonstration at Great Portland Street outside the BBC Building. At 12 noon we will be marching from there to Trafalgar Square with the other trade unions who are taking action on that day.

We would really like you to join us for the strike and the day’s activities. We will be setting up a hardship fund for members on lower pay to receive some reimbursement.


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