Thursday 10 July – Rally in Walthamstow Market Square

Why Trade Unions are striking on July 10.

Millions of public sector workers are having their pay pegged to 1% when RPI inflation is nearly 3% and energy prices are up 9%!  Average household income is already 6% below 2003 levels.

NUT – thousands of teachers are facing no pay increase or a 1% pay increase while their workload increases.

UNISON – local government UNISON members have been condemned to three consecutive years of pay freezes, followed by below-inflation rises in 2013 and 2014 leaving their pay reduced by almost 20% since the Coalition came to power.

Unite – is seeking a £1 an hour pay increase for local council workers. 400,000 Unite members earn less than £15,000 a year.

GMB – is rejecting the 1% pay offer and is fighting for decent wages.

FBU – firefighters are fighting poverty in retirement for their members and reject the 1% offer.

PCS – civil servants have had enough of job losses and wage freezes.


July 10th joint pay strike could see well over 1 million workers taking action together in the biggest strike since 30 November 2011.

What’s happening on the day that you can join in with.

Unions will have picket lines at schools and other work places until 9.30am – please show your support.  We expect all members to come along to the picket lines.  If unsure about where they are then contact the office on 0208 496 4703.

10:00 – assemble in Walthamstow Market Square, under the big screen on the steps.  Bring banners, placards and enthusiasm.

10:05 – speeches from trade unionists on strike on the day and those that support them.  We invite teachers, school support staff, firefighters, job centre workers and members of the public to come together locally and support one another in this strike for decent wages for all.

Please come along with your fellow trade unionists, colleagues, friends and family and show your support for the strike.

10:45 – move off together and take the tube to Oxford Circus to assemble for the start of the joint demonstration.

11:30 – assemble BBC Broadcasting House, Great Portland Street

12:00 – march to rally in Trafalgar Square


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