Council Cuts

We are up to Phase 44 of the Council Cuts programme, now called “Redefining Waltham Forest” following it’s previous titles. Do you remembers the “Efficiency Review”, “Committed to Success” and the “Smarter Sprending Programme”? All these programmes had one thing in common, they meant less jobs at Waltham Forest Council and worse terms and conditions for those left working for the Council. The latest programme carries on in the same vein with lots of hyperbole about improved services, but with a harsh reality of drastic cuts to staff numbers. So far, since 2010 when the current government were elected, Waltham Forest Council has lost around 1,000 jobs. Those jobs have been lost to the Waltham Forest community, some have gone to private contractors as work has been transferred out while other jobs have disappeared completely. We now face battles to try and maintain services with fewer staff in Adults Social Care and Children’s Services as well as in Environmental Health and Trading Standards. Meanwhile, the senior management and the private hired consultants continue to make money at the expense of all of the rest of us. UNISON is supporting members caught up in the stressful re-organisations and would recommend that members write to their local councillors and MP’s to raise these issues. You can also contact us to tell us what is going on where you work. We will do our best to publicise the real story of what is happening in Waltham Forest Council.

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