Strike action on Tuesday 14 October

A further day of strike action will be held on Tuesday 14 October, this is a few days before the TUC national demonstration on Saturday 18 October.

There will be a Branch Meeting in the Council Chamber, Waltham Forest Town Hall on Wednesday 8 October 12:30-2:30pm and 4:30-6pm where the dispute will be discussed.  Put the date in your diary.

The 30th September is the last date that local government pay is above the National Minimum Wage.  On 1st October, SCP 5, will fall below the new NMW of £6.50 per hour. UNISON together with GMB and UNITE has agreed to escalate the pay dispute with a campaign running into the autumn.

It is critical to apply political pressure to bring employers back to the negotiating table.  The LGA needs a mandate to re-open talks from each of its political groups.  We need to make sure elected politicians are aware of the impact falling pay and the falling value of pensions is having on everyone working in councils and schools.  There is a model letter as well as details on how to find out who your MP or local councillors are on the national website

It’s important that our members take strike action.  Members are facing the longest fall in wages since 1870.  Sustainable growth depends on paying decent wages to ordinary workers who then have more money to spend in their local community.

UNISON estimates our members now earn between 10% and 18% less than in 2010, depending on the service members work in, yet the cost of living continues to rise.

Figures from the TUC show on average, workers have lost more than £4000 since 2009 with many people trapped in low paid and insecure jobs.

We encourage all members to come to the meeting on 8th October.

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