People’s March for NHS

The People’s March for the NHS reaches London from Jarrow on Saturday 6th London. The response from the public has been fantastic with thousands joining them for local marches to date. There has been good media coverage in every area so far with lots of TV and radio interviews with local marchers. Highlights of newspaper coverage can be found here including over 50 different online articles to date:  

As a result of the success of the march, the organisers are now expecting larger numbers joining in central London than originally expected. They therefore need to urgently identify more stewards to help them for the final part of their 300 mile journey which includes a rally featuring the Darlo Mums behind the march, Owen Jones and Billy Bragg.

Details of the Edmonton Green to London leg

Details of the London rally

The final leg of the march will start from Red Lion Square Holborn, gathering from 1.45pm with a 2.30pm march off to Westminster. The organisers need a lot more stewards from the point of Red Lion Square. If you know anyone who is willing to help for a few hours in London and make the last leg of the march a great success then please send volunteer details to

The marchers set off from Tyneside on 16th August and have not had a single day’s rest but in doing so have helped put the NHS right at the top of the agenda and expose the true nature of what is happening under the Coalition. Any help you can give on the day either as a marcher or as a steward will be gratefully received.


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