Chief Executive breaks Government pay restraint in Waltham Forest

Martin Esom2The Staffing Committee of Waltham Forest Council met on 29th August and we believe agreed a pay increase of £15,000 per year for the Chief Executive. This is a rise of 8.33%, well above inflation and busting through the government’s public sector pay restriction of 1%. The reports presented at that committee, which does not include trade union representation, did not mention what the Council’s pay policy is in respect of the thousands of workers who work for the Council providing public services and in schools.  

The report also frees up the Chief Executive to boost his income by receiving remuneration for duties performed in relation to election activities. Again though, the report is silent on what additional payments might be available for staff who work on providing Council services.

After 3 years of pay freeze, a 1% pay rise in 2013 and a 1% offer in 2014 UNISON believes Council employees are entitled to feel angry and aggrieved at the way that the Council is only too happy to splash out on paying consultants and increase highly paid staff’s salaries.

What will make members particularly angry is that the decision is based on the Chief Executives’s performance which includes, and I quote: “the successful achievement of £65 million  in savings since 2010”.

All those jobs, all those redundancies, all that misery for ordinary Council workers appears to be regarded as a success by Waltham Forest Council.

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