One out all out for fair pay on 14th October

UNISON members in Local Government will be taking strike action across the country on Tuesday 14th October. The strike is part of the ongoing campaign to win  a fair and just pay settlement from the government. Obviously, if we do want a better pay deal we will have to fight for it. Whatever government gets elected in 2015 it looks certain that public sector pay restraint will continue. None of the major parties are talking of improving public sector pay so the only way to an improved offer is to take action by standing up for ourselves and demanding a fairer pay rise. Make sure you talk to your colleagues. Why not use the five reasons below (taken from the UNISON national web site) to persuade any waverers or doubters in your workplace as to why we have to take this action? You can use them to try and persuade colleagues who are not members to join UNISON and join us as we campaign for a fair pay rise for all.

UNISON members: 5 reasons to go on strike 

1. You can’t afford another pay and pension cut

The current government offer leaves most workers with pay worth almost 20% less than in 2010. Falling pay also means loss of pension for the rest of your life.

2. You are worth fair pay for the work you do

Your pay and conditions are the worst in the public sector – from top to bottom.

3. Taking another pay cut won’t save jobs and services

Despite a pay freeze, jobs have gone and services continue to be stripped to the bone, privatised or stopped all together. There’s no reason to believe a pay cut will stop this.

4. All this will continue unless we act now

Low pay is bad for workers and bad for the economy. That’s why politicians from all parties are calling for an end to low pay. Many local government workers rely on benefits to pay bills. Right now, the taxpayer is subsidising local government to pay poverty wages.

5. Our claim for a minimum of £1 more an hour for all is affordable

Paying all local government workers a living wage will boost Treasury coffers by around £0.9bn every year from increased tax and national insurance take – shifting many off in-work benefits and reducing the bill to taxpayers.

We are expecting UNISON members working in the Health Service to be out on strike with us on the day and we will be publishing details of pickets and any other activities on this website as soon as we have them arranged. If you want to organise a picket line at your workplace then please get in touch and remember we have a branch meeting on Wednesday 8th October at 12:30 to 2pm and at 4:30 to 6pm to inform members about the strike and our campaign. Please come along and encourage all your colleagues to come along too.

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