UAF EDL counter demonstration 20th September

The EDL are cynically trying to exploit the Rotherham child abuse horror and British fascists are attempting to unify around this. The EDL plan to hold a demonstration. Far right and fascist groups are attempting to recover from set backs anti-fascists have inflicted on them and want to divide us.The EDL have seized on the appalling child abuse cases to engender racism against Muslims.

UAF held a counter demonstration in Rotherham on 13 September and will be holding counter demonstrations against the EDL on Saturday, 20th September from 11.30am, at Downing Street. UAF invites all who reject attempts to divide our communities to join them. Bring your friends, families and banners.

They will also be commemorating Pavlos Fyssas, murdered by fascist Golden Dawn supporters in Greece on September 18th 2013. A statement from the anti-fascist organisation, KEEFA, in Greece will be read out on Saturday as well.

Saturday 20th September.
Downing Street, London.
Nearest tube: Westminster.

Assemble 11.30

There is a Facebook event for this. Please share widely and invite peopole to attend.

They also now have a Waltham Forest UAF Facebook page:



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