All Out on 14 October

The first day of action on 10 July was an overwhelming success and we need to ensure that the next strike on 14 October is even more successful and effective to bring the employers back to the negotiating table. We need as many members as possible supporting the democratic decision of the membership to strike for fair pay.  

Information on picket lines will be available soon.

A central London march and rally will not take place as the TUC national demonstration will be taking place a few days later.

Check out the pay calculator!  See how much pay you’ve lost!  The pay calculator is now live on the national website.  Click here to see how much you have lost.  The calculator shows you the minimum amount of money you have lost.  It does not take into account incremental increases and does not include London weighting – it is a model example only.  But you’ll see the results are shocking.

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