Britain Needs a Pay Rise! Less than 3 weeks to go!

worth itWant to show everyone how you feel about what’s happened to your pay over the last four years?  Want your friends and family to be able to show their support for you and everyone who deserves a pay rise?

Then you should join us on the TUC march and rally in London on Saturday 18 October.  UNISON members will be joining thousands of members of other unions under the banner Britain Needs a Pay Rise.  We aim to make it clear to employers that enough is enough and we cannot keep having our pay frozen while prices continue to rise.

The London march assembles at 11am at Embankment, marching through central London to a rally in Hyde Park.  Let’s make 18 October a day to remember, a day when UNISON sends a loud messge about fair pay.  You’re worth it.




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