UNISON, GMB and Unite all vote to accept paltry pay offer. Our members vote to reject.

Following yesterday’s Regional Local Government Committee meeting we are now aware of the outcome of the Branch Pay Consultation Ballot.

In our branch members voted to reject the proposal by 162 votes to 61. A total of 2,000 members were consulted so the turn-out was only  11.15%. Across London the overall outcome of the branch consultation was to reject the proposal. The North West Region also voted to reject the proposal.

However, across the whole country, members who took part in the branch consultation exercise voted by 60% to 40% to accept the offer. This means that the offer on which you were consulted will now be accepted and we should receive our paltry increase in our January pay slips. The unconsolidated lump sum payments should be paid in the December pay packet, but we will need to confirm that with the Council HR.

Our branch committee recommended rejection and are unhappy about the decision to put this poor offer to members. We are therefore joining with many other branches across the land in calling for a Special Conference to be called to look into all aspects of the pay campaign that has ended with such a poor result. If UNISON do agree to hold such a conference we will be looking at how we can learn from this campaign and launch a more effective campaign when 2017 rolls around.

The formal UNISON statement can be found here 

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