SERTUC Pensioners Network Seminar 2015 – POSTPONED

With regret SERTUC Pensioners Network Organising Committee have decided to postpone their seminar planned for Monday 2 March 2015, TUC Congress House.

The subject of the seminar was to focus  on the coming General Election 2015, with a plan to look at some of the myths that circulate about significant issues facing the country and what seems to be a lack of any substantial policy proposals to tackle the growing impoverishment of much of the population.

In previous years the SERTUC Pensioners Network have been able to attract expert speakers quite easily, but possibly because of the seminar theme and the closeness to the general election, it has proved extraordinarily difficult to secure appropriate guest speakers.

Therefore the Organising Committee have recommended rescheduling March seminar for autumn 2015.

SERTUC apologise for any inconvenience caused by postponement.

New date will be advertised when confirmed.

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