Disqualification by Association

Disqualification by Association or how skeletons in your household closet could get you the sack!

The government has instructed all schools and nurseries to introduce “Disqualification by Association”.  This calls for all staff working with children under eight years of age to declare to their employer any convictions known to them, within certain categories, of any person living in their household.  Once the staff member has declared this information it is then incumbent on the school or nursery to ensure they are no longer working with under eights which is likely to mean suspension from work.  The staff member can then apply, in what is likely to be a very long queue, to Ofsted for a ”waiver” which would enable them to work again. If the waiver is not granted then the employee could be sacked.

This branch believes that strong child protection policies are essential but that this is one step too far and a serious breach of civil liberties and human rights.

We have attached UNISON’s opinion and advice on the subject.

The branch is to discuss the matter further with the Council in the New Year.


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